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New home for Kate in Butler

Your ticket is helping to change my life!

In 2005, Kate Gild was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) when she was 33-years-old. She was living in London at the time and home in Perth on holiday visiting family, when she started experiencing nerve pain in her wrist.

At the time, Kate didn’t know much about the condition, and after receiving her diagnosis, she realised she had been living with some symptoms for a while.

“I had tingling in my right hand and I would fall over for no reason or find I could not walk properly which I had put down to being clumsy. I was very scared.”

After reaching out to MSWA, Kate and her family were able to get the support they needed including access to an electric wheelchair, physiotherapy, Outreach, high support accommodation and nursing. Over time Kate has also used MSWA respite accommodation to visit family.

Kate recently moved into MSWA’s $8 million purpose-built Service Centre and Supported Accommodation in Butler. There, Kate receives 24-hour care in her own unit and can access services right next door. Kate is looking forward to the simple things like having friends over for a coffee or going to her parents’ house.

Life has been a roller coaster for Kate and her family, but she considers herself fortunate to have a new home which can cater to her specific needs.

“The onsite care and support will allow me to lead a fulfilling and independent life. The train station is down the road and there is a services hub next door. I can take myself to physiotherapy sessions or go grocery shopping. I can’t begin to tell you what that means to me.”

When you buy a MSWA raffle ticket, it helps MSWA build tailor-made Centres across the State and continue supporting people like Kate.

“Thank you for your generosity and helping to build my new home.”