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How You've Helped Brian

"MSWA was there every step of the way"

Brian Dawson’s life was vibrant, filled with many creative talents and constantly surrounded by people who inspired him.

He was a leading figure at the State Reference Library and living out his dream of performing on stage, when he noticed a tremor in his hand during a theatre production.

In 2010 Brian received confirmation that he had Parkinson’s Disease. This came as a shock, and at the age of 50, Brian felt his beautiful life shattering into fragments.

The decline of his body was fast, and to help process the changes he was going through, Brian reached out to MSWA who provided counselling and emergency respite at Margaret Doody House in City Beach.

“My speech was beginning to fail, swallowing had become difficult and falls were taking longer to recover from. Through the help of MSWA nurses, I was able to get the support I needed and adapt to the changes,” said Brian.

“Talking with fellow residents really helped with those psychological questions, like what would my future now look like and how would it affect my loved ones.”

Knowing that Brian needed 24-hour care, MSWA organised for Brian to move into MSWA’s newly built Supported Accommodation facility in Butler.

Not only is Brian’s new home closer to family, it also has a Services Centre next door where he can access physiotherapy, counselling, speech therapy, nursing, occupational therapy, peer groups and education sessions.

After a recent stint in hospital, Brian’s condition has been re-diagnosed as Multiple Systems Atrophy which is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder, and a form of Parkinson’s.

Brian no longer has the freedom to trust his body to operate the way it should, but he has not given up on his zest for life or his passions of writing, listening to music, going to the theatre and having visits from his beloved dog Madeleine.

When you purchase a MSWA Raffle ticket, it helps to fund vital neurological research, build tailor-made facilities and purchase brand new equipment for people living with neurological conditions.

Thank you for your generosity.