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Enriching Lives Through Speech Pathology

Stephanie Perkov, a speech pathologist at MSWA, wants people to understand how speech pathology significantly improves the lives of those with neurological conditions.

“I work with a diverse range of people with neurological conditions who have difficulty with communicating, eating and drinking,” Stephanie said.

“I get so much joy from my work and am always inspired by our Customers who work so hard to improve the quality of their lives.”

Stephanie works with six other speech pathologists as part of the MSWA Speech Pathology team. They work with people to improve all aspects of communication; speech, language and voice, both in people’s homes and in MSWA Service Centres across the State.

“Communication difficulties can impact people’s lives profoundly; stopping them from expressing themselves, excluding them from social interactions and being part of their communities,” Stephanie said.

Speech pathologists also work to ensure appropriate mealtime equipment and environments are in place and recommend safe swallowing strategies.

“As a disease progresses customers can experience difficulties with eating and drinking. We can provide strategies and modifications by altering their diets and fluids for their continued safety to ensure that they don’t experience adverse health difficulties,” Stephanie said.

“We tailor our services to ensure the needs of our individual Customers are met and they receive the best support they possibly can.”

When you purchase a MSWA Multi-Choice Raffle ticket, it helps fund vital services like speech pathology, contributes to neurological research, builds tailor-made facilities and purchase brand new equipment.